I'm a damn lazy ass, okay?

Prepare for copious amounts of fandoms and nsfw material

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→ Anonymous whispered : Tell me about Elibarra pls.


Ah, yes, welcome to Elibarra 101. Better late than never.  I’ll be your prof for this sem, and my requirement is that you have finished reading Dr. Jose Rizal’s socio-historical novel entitled Noli Me TangereTouch Me Not/ The Social Cancer in English, or Huwag Mo Akong Salingin in Tagalog/ Filipino. 
If you haven’t heard of this novel, I suggest you read it first, because this class, err, post, may contain spoilers. Unless you want to be spoiled.

Okay, how do I begin this… (Warning: long post ahead. Patience is needed. Medyo sabog si Walt. Paumanhin.)

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*looks at straight couple* so which one of you is the YA protagonist and which is the romantic subplot?


so today my ap art history teacher was teaching us about Hapshetsut the only female pharaoh and he was like “have you seen women they can pop out a baby and be like alright let’s go” and then he walked over to this guy and aimed his fist towards his balls and the guy flinched and held his crotch so he was like “men may be stronger but women are tougher” and then he said “so when someone tells you to grow a pair, they mean ovaries”